Craig's Mini Buses
Terms & Conditions

Amendments to Booking

The departure times on your booking confirmation are the times at which your bus is scheduled to pick up and depart from stated location/venue. Please ensure that these times are correct as late boarding may incur an additional fee. Departure times may not be varied unless prearranged with Craig’s Mini Buses. An assumption should not be made that the bus and driver can wait for delayed passengers (this may jeopardise other charters that Craig’s Mini Buses has booked).

Any amendments to your booking after confirmation are subject to availability. We reserve the right to vary pricing in respect to any changes in departure/standing times and any other applicable charges.

Any requests for additional pick up or drop off locations may incur additional fees which have not been included in original stated booking confirmation.

Waiting Time

Where time has exceeded predetermined departure time extra standing fees apply as follows;

Mini buses first 30 minutes no charge thereafter standing fee applies (charged @ 15 minute increments)

Coaches first 15 minutes no charge thereafter standing fee applies (charged @ 15 minute increments)


Prices are current as at the time of booking. We reserve the right to pass on (without notice) any increase that may occur in respect of airport charges, motorway tolls, standing time, entry and parking fees.

All motorway tolls, standing time, parking fees and GST are included in prices unless otherwise stated based on information provided at time of booking. If charter varies from stated booking confirmation there may be additional costs. Should your group be delayed there may be extra charges.

Deposit and Final Payment

Holding deposit of $100.00 is required at the time of booking. This payment is nonrefundable and is deducted from the total quoted price with balance payable on or by the booking date.

If a client account has been set up, an invoice will be issued with payment terms of 7 days required.


Payment of deposit indicates that you have read and agreed to our Terms & Conditions.


In the event that you must cancel your booking, Craig’s Mini Buses reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee as follows;

  • Deposit fee of $100.00, nonrefundable on all bookings regardless of notice. Bookings cancelled greater than 7 days prior to the booking no additional charge applicable.
  • Less than 7 days prior to booking date, 25% of the value of the booking chargeable
  • Cancellation 1 day prior to booking date 50% of the value of the booking chargable
  • Bookings cancelled on the day of travel, 100% value of the booking (with the exception of school sport charters)
  • School sport charters – in the event of wet weather 2 hours prior notice of cancellation is required otherwise 100% of charter payment is required.

Use of the vehicle

The provision of services is as per booking confirmation. Hirer must not assume that the vehicle is available outside of the booking confirmation times. Craig’s Mini Buses reserves the right to charge an additional fee if standing time extends past the period outlined in the booking confirmation.

Drivers Hours

Drivers are required to have rest breaks as outlined by Department of Transport & Infrastructure. Hirer is not permitted to request for a driver to extend a period of driving so as to compromise statutory rest breaks.

Route to be travelled

It is up to the driver’s discretion as to route to be taken for journeys. Driver has to consider many factors including, traffic incidents and road works. Please be aware we are able to travel along bus lanes. Also, driver may only pick up and drop off in designated areas as he/she must comply with Road and Maritime road rules.

Damage & to Vehicles/Property

Should damage be caused to a bus by any of the passengers, the client (hirer) is responsible for any cost of repairs. Similarly, the client (the hirer) is responsible for any excess cleaning of the bus required. Charges will depend on the extent of the damage repairs/cleaning required. It is up to the client (the hirer) to seek compensation from any passenger who has caused this situation, not Craig’s Mini Buses.

Behavior on Buses

Bad behavior on buses will not be tolerated and Craig’s Mini Buses reserves the right to request that the offending passenger leave the bus. Any person who is highly intoxicated may be refused entry onto the bus or asked to leave the bus. If the driver feels the safety of the passengers or the driver may be compromised he/she has the right to terminate the charter and also to transport group to the nearest Police Station for assistance. Please be aware all vehicles have safety cameras fitted and operating.

Excess Luggage

Should the requirements for transport of luggage not be stated at the time of booking, there may be an excess luggage fee applied.

Cancellation by Craig’s Mini Buses

In the event that Craig’s Mini Buses is unable to provide a vehicle to meet all or part of the customers booked requirements (for reasons such as an emergency) the Operations Manager will take all reasonable measures to provide a replacement or alternative solution.

If this is not possible Craig’s Mini Buses reserves the right to cancel the booking and return and monies paid. As much notice as possible will be provided (this would be an extraordinary event).